Projet, picture 1 from left: These rubber fins with short blades and spring straps are not only comfotable to use, but also very efficient. Thy are recommended to use with dry suits neoprene boots, because of theit negative buoyancy. Size XL will fit even for very large boots.

Duo Vortex, picture 2 + 3 from left: The Polaris Duo-Vortex fin's eye-catching design is causing quite a stir in the diving world! The Duo-Vortex fin is outfitted with an innovative, angled concept. It has been designed to provide maximum propulsion with minimum effort and combines the advantages of split fin design with the maneuverability of conventionel fins.

Club Fins, picture 4 from left: these full foot fins are excellent for snorkelling and pool training.

Fins Malta, picture on the right: